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Free Women From Hamas

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In the face of the unspeakable atrocities, including the rape of women, and the disturbing silence of the world, our goal is to reclaim our unified voice in opposing these heinous acts


 International with an emphasis on USA and Europe

General public 
Humanitarian organizations and advocates 
UN and Women's rights organizations
Donors and supporters


Breaking the Silence on Hamas' Crimes: Why it Matters- What if this was your mother? Your sister? Your daughter? Would you stand silent? It's time to shatter the silence of institutions around the world that have either failed to condemn or refused to acknowledge the ongoing assault and rape against Israeli women.
Bring change by joining us in denouncing Hamas' atrocities against Israeli women.


Share follow and support our partners women campaign:
Breaking the Silence: Be the voices for change
Rise Up for Women's Rights: Unite for equality
Fight Against Women Abuse: Help get justice for all Hamas victims
The Dark Side of Hamas: Rape


#BreakTheSilence #metoo #memom
#humanrights75 #Act4RightsNow

20 women hostages in Gaza.
More than 300 women were murdered on Oct 7th.
7 weeks until the UN for Women condemns or acknowledges of the rape of Israeli women with a parallel to Palestinian women suffering.

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